Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sippy Cups

Yee! Haa! mama and daddy let me try my hand at using a sippy cup yesterday.MMMMMM! ok so I got a little in my lap, but for 5 months old they seem to think I did alright! I don't see what all the excitement is about. I've been watching them drink from cups day in and day out. I've yet to see mama jump up and down yelling yeah look,look,Daddy's holding it with one hand and got it to his mouth, Ohh look he's drinking all by himself!! These adults, It sure doesn't take a lot to amuse them.

Ohh well I guess daddy will get a picture of this big event up here soon, If I had to guess he'll probably put my first bite of cereal pic up also.

Well that's it for now!
Today I have a Challenge For You! Give Someone a great big Hug!!! No cheating! Do it!
BYE! BYE! For Now

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LauraB said...

Hey Sarah you might as well learn now that your parents are very silly and crazy. Especially your daddy. And everyone should be jumping up and down when daddy drinks out of a cup and doesn't make a mess, because usually his ends up in his lap also. I am so proud of you big girl. I love you and the rest of the bunch.
Love Aunt Laura Beth